Are you Embracing Life or Shunning Someone Else'?


Whoever wants to embrace life
and see the day fill up with good,
Here’s what you do:
Say nothing evil or hurtful;
Snub evil and cultivate good;
run after peace for all you’re worth.
God looks on all this with approval,
listening and responding well to what he’s asked;
But he turns his back
on those who do evil things (1 Peter 3:10-13 MSG)


My family has a bad habit of coarse jesting. In other words, making light of a bad situation by using sarcasm. We all would laugh as someone cracked a joke and hardly even noticed that those words could be hurtful to someone. In later years I have found these silly “jokes” at the expense of others not to be funny at all. It is a bad habit to break, like all bad habits. I never realized what an affect these “jokes” could have on the life of the one who is making them.

Here in this passage we find if we are to have the good life we want we must cultivate good and refrain from evil or hurtful speech. When you think about it, coarse jesting is a put-down of someone which is an attempt to raise ourselves above them. When one feels the need to elevate themselves it is because they do not have a true picture of what God has created them to be.


When God looks at us He sees only what He has made us to be, which is perfect for the job He has in mind. Putting down another person is ridiculous since they were not created to do our own job. To demean another is to demean ourselves for missing the point of why we are alive! We are to live as we were created to live, anything else is missing the mark. To demean someone is to say they are missing their mark. Only God knows what their mark is.


The longer I live the more I see how inundated we have been with wrong and deceitful thoughts. Our whole life has been a collection of thoughts that now we must dismiss as pure folly. The best way to rid ourselves of these wrong concepts is to run diligently after an understanding of the goodness of God. When we find His love is pure and not hurtful in any way, we must begin to realize this is the very nature and Character of Jesus whom we are to emulate.


Being kind and loving gives us that warm fuzzy feeling, unlike the sharp jab of regret when we know we have just hurt someone. Just knowing God looks at us with His approval as He looked upon His Son; now that is embracing real life!

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