Are you tearing down your City?

Seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf; for in its welfare you will have welfare. (Jeremiah 29:7)
The sound of complaining seems to be the cry of our rundown and dying towns. It has become a small talk thing to complain about the lack of prosperity, the price of gas, the cost of living etc. We wish we could move somewhere where the grass is greener, but we stay here and complain. The problem is, every time we complain, we prophesy doom over the very place where we dwell. Why do we think that moving to another place would make us any more prosperous when we take our prophesying gloom with us?
In Jeremiah’s day, God sent the exiles into Babylon, and told them to build houses, take wives, have children and multiply there. When a Christian is sent into a city, that city should be better off for having them. Our culture has taught us to complain, it has become a cultural habit to be ungrateful. We are to prosper, and pray for the prosperity of those in the place we are.  I heard the other day, that if we stopped complaining we would lose 90% of our vocabulary.  I don't know if that is true, bu it certainly would limit our conversation.
Make no mistake, God hears our ingratitude. We have long quoted the scripture in Jeremiah that promises plans for our future welfare and not for calamity, but further on He declares that the people began to listen to the prophets in Babylon (complainers?) and it will not go well for them.
Complaining is like gossip. It’s cunning and seemingly harmless, but it brings the very thing we are complaining about or gossiping about to pass. It is no secret that we are in exile, wherever we live, because we are not yet dwelling  in the kingdom of God. But we are to be a blessing wherever we live, prophesying abundance and prosperity, and also praying for the people who are living there with us. Instead of declaring what we see with our eyes, we must be declaring what we cannot yet see.
God is calling us out of the shadows and placing us strategically in places all over the globe to pray and keep on prophesying good over that place. We are prophets of God, not prophets of doom. Don’t get caught up in the habits of the complainers. We must be set apart for bringing the prosperity and peace of God upon our land. God has told us to take this land. This is God’s land.

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What a great word!!! Man can give you nothing but an opinion God can give you the answers you seek. Let us always run to you God and not our own understanding

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Justene, I'm sorry I'm belated in writing. I had another incident and finally my talking is good and so is my writing on the computer. That is all for now. I

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