You Look Like Your Father!



I am the God of Abraham your father; 

      don't fear a thing because I'm with you. 

   I'll bless you and make your children flourish 

      because of Abraham my servant. 

Isaac built an altar there and prayed, calling on God by name. He pitched his tent and his servants started digging another well (Genesis 25:24,25 MSG)


Isaac quickly fell into his father's footsteps. He became wealthy in a foreign land, he lied about his wife to the king. His life coincided with that of his father. He had two sons, twins but one was favored by God to become the heir of promise. The point I am making is that it wasn't their lack of morality, (what we would call sin) but their ability to recognize and believe God, and obey what He told them to do. So many of us feel guilty over some past sins and think we are unable to walk out our destiny because of them.


Both the father and the son obeyed God, and both were blessed, even though they missed the mark. Even Isaac's son, Jacob deceived his brother and his father, but we know he later wrestled with God and received his blessing.

Our failure to believe God has really paid the price for our sin results in our walking away from our blessing. It is pretty clear that when we try to save our own necks we are in danger of losing our destiny, but God's plan is not just about us. God always has His kingdom in mind. He wants a people of strong character and faith who will overcome these glitches in our past in favor of the bigger picture. He has not given us a license to sin, but a way to overcome it.


When we realize that we are to be the forgiveness, and not just receive His forgiveness, it gives us the power to become citizens of His kingdom. His kingdom will be made up of powerful, God-like people who know their king, and carry out His will. Forever!


I've heard it said that we will all go to heaven and sit around on clouds playing harps. Get real. When God's kingdom is restored it will be run and directed as it should have been in the first place, by people with power and authority to act at His direction. Most of us have had this sketchy, nondescript fantasy about God's kingdom being a place. However, the Kingdom is not a place but a people. We are the family and heirs of God. So in reality, you are not on your way to heaven, a place, but you are in the process of developing into a powerful person of authority. You are becoming the source and not the seeker. When you seek something, you stop when you find it. When you become the kingdom, you will no longer have to look for it. So stop waiting to die, and get on with living!

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What a great word!!! Man can give you nothing but an opinion God can give you the answers you seek. Let us always run to you God and not our own understanding

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Justene, I'm sorry I'm belated in writing. I had another incident and finally my talking is good and so is my writing on the computer. That is all for now. I

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