Has Darkness Crushed You?

It is hard to believe
That I once was new
That life was beginning to start
When all too soon the die had been cast
And my life was falling apart.

It matters not what I seemed to try
The struggle to an empty end
I tried to be what I thought I should be,
Still unbroken but starting to bend.

The things I reached for
Were houses of cards
They all just kept blowing away,
Darkness was falling around me,
I hoped for a brand new day.

I thought myself weak and unable
To do what needed done,
I cried, but no one listened
I thought I was the only one.

The darkness started to crush me
The voices screamed loud in my head,
“Why don’t you just give up?
You know you’d be better off dead!”

But suddenly out of the darkness,
A Light shone out through the rain,
It’s warmth and glow seemed to call me
Up out of my misery and shame.

A voice so soft and tender said,
“Rise up!” and called me by name.
Don’t look back, that’s already over
It’s time to start loving again.”

He said, “I’ve been patiently waiting,
For you to find out I am good!
And to show you I’ll always love you
the way a good Father should.”

The darkness is already over
Come my love, come into the Light!
Don’t you know Joy comes in the morning?
It’s time to step out of the night!”

Justene Martin 5/12/2015

Justene Martin

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Justene, I'm sorry I'm belated in writing. I had another incident and finally my talking is good and so is my writing on the computer. That is all for now. I

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