The Perfect Bride



Son on though he was, he learned obedience from what he suffered  and, once made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him (Hebrews 5:8-9)


Being made perfect is not about being a perfect human, or doing perfect things.  As we can see here, Jesus was made perfect by His obedience.  Jesus learned to do the things that made Him perfect by listening only to the voice of God.  If God was able to create the entire universe with His voice, He is certainly able to make His creation perfect by the same voice. 


We all have access to His voice but at times we are prone to turn away from His voice because we think we can be a better judge of our lives than He.  Of course we always find this never works and we must once again turn from our own works and back to listening for Him.


Jesus was designated by God to be our high priest.  This means He is to be the example we measure our lives by.  If we are not succeeding it is because we are not listening to God as He does.  He is still seated at the right hand of God awaiting the order to take His place as King of the Universe.  God is perfecting His bride (His church) to also be listening to His voice. 


The simplicity is we can stop striving to be something we are not and just listen for when God speaks.  It is only confusing because we have been made to believe that perfection is looking and acting a certain way but without Christ we have no example.  We can only be made perfect by assuming Jesus’ perfection, living with total confidence that He knows exactly what that is.  Everything else is mere speculation.


Jesus, be the center of our lives.  Our time has come to become your Bride.  You are awaiting our arrival while carefully listening to the Father.  When we are finally able to lay aside our own ideas of what perfection is we can finally become what you created us to be. 

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22.11 | 10:21

Beloved Gwen, I adore you! My hope is that we all dwell together in peace with a God that is only good and never ever harms His creation.

20.11 | 13:27

Where do I stand with you? Please answer as I await your comment TO ME. Lovingly,

02.11 | 15:16

Justene, I'm sorry I'm belated in writing. I had another incident and finally my talking is good and so is my writing on the computer. That is all for now. I

11.09 | 08:36

On the anniversary of 9/11 don't you think time is running out for us to decide what we really believe?