Are You a Happy Christian?

Trust in the Lord, and do good;
    so you will live in the land, and enjoy security.
 Take delight in the Lord,
    and he will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:3-4)
Last night I heard a teaching about delight.  It describes the way the life of a Christian is to be.  It caused me to think about what I think delight means.  I believe watching toddlers as they are beginning to learn to walk and search their surroundings are delightful!  I see pictures of my grandchildren on Facebook and other’s (of course mine are most delightful Lol) and the comments are always the same “How beautiful, “How adorable”, “So cute”!
So what makes the babies so delightful?  I believe it is their utter trust and their sense of wonder.  Every new thing they discover is wonder-full.  They will pick up a bug or a flower, it doesn’t matter which, and each thing is amazing to them.  They want to taste, touch and smell everything.  Oh, and the laughter of a baby is the most precious of all.  They will laugh and laugh for long lengths of time over nothing at all.  Are you getting the picture?  God put in each of us a sense of wonder and discovery so that we could take delight in all of His beautiful creation.
Christians should be the most delighted human beings in the world!  They are supposed to believe in the God of all creation and the promise that He has made it just for them.  So what is the problem?  We have all seen the “church lady” faces (and they are not limited to women) who twist their lips like they are sucking lemons and stand haughty and rude, refusing to smile at the most wonderful things.  Is this what you think Christians who will inherit the earth should be like?  Of course not!  We have been drilled from birth to believe in fantasies about God and fairy tales alike.  Then when what we believe hasn’t happened we become disenchanted and bitter but still keep hanging onto what has been drilled into us. 
The passage above promises us a home, security, and best of all delight.  So it is our promise as a Christian that we can experience wonder and delight.  This is what the word of God declares.  What beliefs we have formed that make us otherwise must be defeated.  Jesus did not die to make us live in misery and dejection.  If we have lost our sense of wonder it is most imperative that we find it and begin once again to walk in delight like we did when we were babies. 
God has made our planet amazing!  He has given us unlimited things to explore and take delight in.  If we have stopped being delighted it is because we have stopped searching and exploring.  We are to become as little children again and trust in the most amazing Father to teach us how to enjoy this wonderful place He has given us to dwell in.  Our heavenly Father wants to give His children the best of everything.  We can see this by looking at His creation.  Perhaps we have tried to become our own god and no longer know what a real father is like.  Our Father has made us a wonderful place to live and a future of eternity to discover it.  Now I find that delightful!

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On the anniversary of 9/11 don't you think time is running out for us to decide what we really believe?